Bobby Wonderful: An Imperfect Son Says Good-bye: Bob.

Together, Morris, his older brother Jeff, and their father decide on palliative treatment, whereby in the late stages all life support is removed and a painkiller to ease the end of one’s life is administered. Bringing the idea to the table is difficult. To take the next step and determine what to do is a daunting decision that will stay with him for the rest of his life. It is these impossible choices that bind BOBBY WONDERFUL into a relatable and haunting memoir.

"What BOBBY WONDERFUL offers is an empathetic look at aging and taking care of older relatives. It is a short, whimsical read, with moments of humor and sheer honesty."

To say that this is a dark memoir would be true. However, losing one’s parents or any loved one through a prolonged illness is an experience that is isolating yet relatable. The book’s opening prelude gives us some beautiful stories: a friend recounting his father’s dementia and subsequent move to a nursing home, friends on Facebook telling of the deaths of their fathers, what it’s like to attend funerals and wondering what your own will be like some day. Reading about the experiences of others is therapeutic and helpful in understanding one’s own circumstances.