Stormy Seas: Rogue Persuasion Book 1 by Evelyn James.

“The plans were uploaded to Princess Leia’s ship. They were on their way to deliver them to the Rebellion, when their ship was intercepted… By Darth Vader,” Bodhi says.

“ I don’t know! ” Bodhi says a little too loudly... He thinks of roots and shattered fragments and, “ I'm just the pilot,” shrinking back into his seat. None of them speak for a moment. In the back of the ship Baze is still sitting with Chirrut and Cassian, but all eyes are on Bodhi and on Jyn. Finally, she takes a breath and breaks the silence,

“How did you hear all this?” and he finds himself wishing he could shrink still further. He can't shake the feeling that he did something wrong.