Mark Hyman - The Blood Sugar Solution

This new book by Dr. Mark Hyman is an excellent resource for a healthy kitchen. It is more than a cookbook, it's a guide to taking back our health from the SAD (Standard American Diet) and creating health. It has over 175 delectable recipes. The cookbook is based on Dr. Hyman's bestselling book The Blood Sugar Solution , which provides a path to heal and reverse diabetes and many other chronic diseases.

The book starts out with Dr. Hyman showing readers how to take an assessment of their own health and how to prepare their kitchen and pantry. This is followed by 175 original, wholesome and delicious recipes – from Dr. Hyman’s own collection as well as from a community of chefs – that are free of allergens and harmful inflammatory ingredients.

If you have existing blood sugar issues or simply want to protect against them, this is a book you will find very beneficial.