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After Sony TV Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap  went on air, almost everybody wanted to know about the personal life of Maharana Pratap. No wonder, our history textbooks only focused on his love towards the Rajputana soil and the famous Battle of Haldighati. While we were always bestowed with lots of information on his fights, strategies and even his loyal horse Chetak, never ever we were given the details of his family, that is, his wives and his sons. Let us now focus on the Personal Life of Maharana Pratap which revolves mainly around his wives and his sons.

Maharana Pratap being the head of the Sisodia clan and the ruler of Mewar had lots of responsibility towards Mewar. His duty was not only to protect the region from Mughals but also to restrict the Rajput kings from joining hands with the Mughals. Back then, many of the Rajput rulers gave their hands to Mughal King Akbar to avoid any possible attacks over their region.

This was strictly against  Maharana Pratap ‘s principle and perhaps that is why over the years Maharana Pratap married many of the Rajput Princess mainly for political alliances. Maharana Pratap altogether had 11 wives and 25 sons.