No Time For Goodbye - Wikipedia

This is the first book that I’ve read by this author.  I enjoyed it enough to want to read more.  It’s a good mystery/suspense/thriller.  The characters feel real.  The plot keeps you interested.  The twists and turns for the most part seem believable.  I was cheering on the main characters and was eager to find out how things would be resolved.

It’s not a “detective mystery” where a cop and/or detective tries to solve a case.  This story is from the point of view of a family.  And although a tragedy  has happened to the wife, the story is told from her husband’s point of view, which I thought was interesting.  Cynthia wakes up one morning when she’s 14 and her parents and brother are gone.  Missing?  Killed?  No one knows.

Twenty five years later she’s still haunted over what happened to her family.  Strange things start happening that make her wonder what happened all of those years ago.  The plot is about how Cynthia and her family deal with trying to figure out the mystery of her family’s disappearance.