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This section is from the book " The Laurel Health Cookery ", by Evora Bucknum Perkins. Also available from Amazon: The Laurel Health Cookery .

It is very convenient to know how to make a cereal coffee, though if one's time is worth much and a good coffee is to be obtained, it is cheaper to buy it. The following recipe is one that I have used for years and it is excellent. None of the whole grains equal bran for the drink.

Mix bran and corn meal and pour over them the molasses and hot water which have been combined. Rub all together with the hands until smooth; set in a warm oven and stir occasionally until well dried out, then increase the heat of the oven, stirring the mixture often; at the last have the oven very hot and stir almost constantly until cereal is a dark chestnut brown , which will take but a short time at the last. Remove from the oven and stir until cooled a little so that it will not brown more by its own heat, and put into a close covered can.