Two For Tonight Pure Romance From Lauberge Chez Francois

Good evening, imaginary audience! I am tonight’s entertainment (worse luck for you!)
Tonight was my first ever session of Pure Loser at the gym – now, despite being a rather portly British chum of late (ever since puberty, more like!) I have never attended a weight loss course – yep, no Slim World, Weight Watchers, nothing. Zilch.

So, naturally, when I saw the poster for Pure Loser weight loss course ( a six week one to be exact) I was all “Hell yeah! This is exactly what I need! I will soon be a younger, Shakira! ….OK, not that far, but I’ll sure as heck be fitter and thinner!”

So off I tootled to tonight’s sesh, after my Zumba class – incidentally, one in which two very obviously male fitness instructors boogied on down with us in… neon green morph suits. All in the name of charity, for Red Nose Day! (You’d have thought the suits would be more… well, red, but I digress – it was still funny as hell.) I still can’t work out whether the lack of oxygen was because of the high cardio effort, or because I basically laughed for seven minutes solid. Exercise is FUN!