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The Leopard Gecko Eublepharis macularius is an excellent beginner lizard and great for experienced lizard keepers too. It is a very easy lizard to take care of. It isn't demanding and it doesn't require much more than feeding and simple maintenance once its habitat is setup.

This gecko is a desert creature and nocturnal, so it likes to be warm and it tends to get active at night. It is an amazing lizard to observe and feeding time is always exciting. it's fascinating to watch them hunt and with its amiable nature,it is also fun to hold.

Leopard Geckos are very good with children, though the time spent with them should be supervised. It is very rare that any specimen will bite, and they can be quickly trained out of the behavior. They can hang on your shirt as you walk around and will often perch on your shoulder without the slightest care. They can stress if handled improperly though, so make sure you never grab your Leopard Gecko (or most lizards) by their tail as they can separate it from their body.